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Contact Lenses

The best supplement to great eye health care is optimal vision correction. At ABC Eyewear, Lafayette Family Eye Care's optical solutions center, our contact lens specialists will conduct a thorough contact lens fitting with you according to the best brand of contact lenses for you and your individual needs. We carry the following brands among many others, including custom contact lenses, colored lenses, and gas-permeable lenses.

Have your contacts delivered right to your door for no additional fee by ordering your favorite brand of contacts through our webstore and make the hassle of picking up your contacts a thing of the past. Plus, ordering through your doctor guarantees the accuracy and quality of your contact lenses.

    Sphere Toric Multifocal XR Energys Pediatric Aspheric
Acuvue 1 Day
Acuvue 1 Day Moist
Acuvue Oasys 2 wk
Air Optix Colors
Air Optix Night & Day
Clariti One Day
C-Vue ADDvantage
Dailies Total 1
NaturalVue 1 Day
Proclear 1 Day
  • Eyezen+ Lenses

  • Eyezen+ Lenses

    Eyezen+ lenses are an enhanced, everyday pair of single-vision lenses that are a more complete solution to modern vision problems in our digital world. The accomodative relief provided by these lenses help defend against digital eye strain caused by hours of viewing near objects such as tablets and smart phones. They also contain Essilor's Smart Blue Filter™ feature, which blocks at least 20% of harmful blue light from digital devices, indoor lighting, and even the sun.

    Ask your doctor if the Eyezen lens is the right fit for meeting your daily visual demands with less eye strain, less eye fatigue, and more visual comfort.

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