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Bring the world into focus according to your schedule by ordering your contacts online! Have your contacts delivered right to your door for no additional fee by ordering your favorite brand of contacts through our webstore and make the hassle of picking up your contacts a thing of the past. Plus, ordering through your doctor guarantees the accuracy and quality of your contact lenses.

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You can order replacement contact lenses at your convenience 24/7 by clicking on the links below. Ordering a 12 month supply of contacts? Call or email our office at to find out about the generous rebates that are frequently offered by manufacturers.

  • Medical Treatment for Nearsightedness

  • Medical Treatment for Nearsightedness

    Atropine 0.01% is a treatment for children that slows progression of myopia, or nearsightedness. Children receive one drop in each eye at bedtime for two years. Request an appoinment today to talk to our doctors about Atropine 0.01%.

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